Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What Forms of payment do we accept?

We accept personal check, and cash at the On Farm Market only. At craft fairs and certain farmers markets we do accept credit and debit cards.

Do we have an ATM machine on site?

No we do not provide access to an ATM machine.

Do we provide parking or handicapped parking?

We have ample parking at both of our picking locations. We do not have designated handicap parking available. If this is a necessity please ask and we'll accommodate to our best ability.

Are kids welcome to pick?

Yes they are. If children or any member of your picking group becomes unruly they will be asked to leave the patch. Unruly behavior encompasses any of the following: running, jumping across rows, throwing berries, or anything we may consider "unruly."

Do we have bathrooms on site?

We do have access to a port-o-potty and a foot pump sink with soap and hand sanitizer.

Are we certified Organic?

We are not certified organic. We do not use harsh chemicals on the berries themselves. Rest Assured that any berry you pick in our fields will hands down beat anything you'll find in any local grocery store.

Do we currently offer Online Ordering for any products?

Not currently. We are diligently working on that piece of our website.